Our Privacy Policy

Whether you are a new or existing client of The Mellow Room we are now adhering to the new General Data Protection Regulations, GDPR. This means that as a result of GDPR The Mellow Room has updated its privacy policy to explain why we collect and how we store and handle your personal data.

Why we collect your data:
We collect your data to enable us to have some medical history and health notes that help us to make informed treatment choices for you.

The sort of data that we collect and why:
Your Name; to identify/confirm you when you book in.
Age Category; to enable us to make the correct product/treatment choices.
Home Address, Tel Number, Email Address & Social Media ( e.g Facebook, Google & Messenger Facilities ); used to confirm/make an appointment with us. We only use this information to contact you if you so wish. You can opt out of this at the bottom of this page.
Emergency Contact Tel No; in case of an emergency, if you became unwell whilst on our premises.
Occupation; to enable us to have an understanding of your lifestyle i.e active/sedentary, which may impact on your body. To help us understand your postural needs and stress levels. Aiding us in product/treatment choices.
Medical History Information & Medication; to the best of your knowledge you must inform us of all medications that you use. You must also keep us updated. This enables us to tailor the treatments to your specific needs and avoid treatments/products that would not be suitable.
Allergies; it is important that you disclose to us any known allergies, so that we can avoid such products that could cause an adverse reaction. We have also highlighted specific products that we use in our treatments to help us to see what we can and can’t use on you.
Pregnancy; If you think you may be, or you are pregnant, then you need to inform us so that we can tailor the treatments to suit your product and postural needs.

How We Store Your Data:
The Data that we store about our clients is all filed away in our locked filing cabinet. The Salon Owner is the data holder and has a key to this locked cabinet. The key can only be used by the data holder, the senior data holder or its representatives ( the nominated staff that work at The Mellow Room ). No one else is allowed to view this data. We do not share any of your data with any third parties. The data that is held on our database/computer system and via our website enquiries page is all password protected and secured. The basic data collected by analytics is accessible only to The Mellow Room and North West Web Design UK. Any data breaches will be reported to the ICO by the Salon Owner within 72 hours.

Your Rights in Relation to your Personal Data:
. Request to correct any inaccurate personal information on the data that we hold about you.
. We process your personal information with your consent and you have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. ( Legally we need to hold certain information for our records, we would hold this for up to 2 years, after this date the information would be destroyed by incineration).
. Object to and restrict the processing of your personal information. Including profiling on certain grounds.
. Object to the processing of your personal information for direct marketing.
. Object to any decision made about you based solely on automated processing, including any profiling, that produces legal effects .
. Lodge a complaint with the UK Information Commissioners Office.
. Request access to your personal information we hold about you. ( You would need to provide two forms of ID and arrange to be shown your personal data with the Data Holder ).